AV-Stock-Photo-Online-Service-FeaturesOur “Smart Web” service by CINC Systems has been created to bring convenience, savings, accessibility to information, and management efficiency to community associations, its professional managers and staff, its board of directors, committees, and volunteers, and its residents. The service has been designed to be easy-to-use, easy-to-update, and to provide extensive search capabilities.

Management Office

Management Office puts your management office online to provide you with more convenience and an office that never closes. Residents may fill out Service Requests and other common forms, while information entered can be sent directly to any email account, pager, cell phone, palm pilot or downloaded into your management system. Residents can even pay their dues and fees all online.

Online Resource Center

The Resource Center offers a secure, easy-to-organize, centralized location for important documents such as covenants and bylaws, board and committee meeting minutes, newsletters, and more. Your association information is in one place – online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Search Assistant

The Search Assistant helps boards, committees, and residents easily find exactly what they are looking for – quickly. Employing sophisticated search capabilities, the Search Assistant hunts through the entire association archives and resources, bringing the answers directly to your fingertips – no more paging through documents when its online and easy to find.

Messenger Service

Use the Messenger Service to notify individual residents, board members, or committee members of matters requiring immediate attention; to send a reminder about an upcoming event; and to distribute documents electronically (governing documents, newsletters, etc.). Those with email receive your message instantly – those without email can continue to receive your message through traditional mail with the mail merge capabilities of the Messenger Service.

Newsletter Publisher

An online newsletter publisher allows you to keep residents up-to-date about what’s happening in their community – sent directly to Residents’ email without the expense of printing and postage.


A community calendar allows managers, staff, and board and committee chairs to schedule meetings, reserve association facilities, and provide detailed information about upcoming events, complete with event sign up and volunteer forms.


Need to call a neighbor? Go online to the searchable directory for contact information such as names, email, phone numbers, etc. Neighbors can also voluntarily share information about themselves and seek other neighbors with common interests such as favorite sports teams, hobbies, clubs, etc. And since the website is secured and password protected, only association members will have access to this information.

Private and Secure

Protect your residents’ and tenants’ private and confidential data with our security system. You determine what information needs to be secured and who should have access to it. Our advanced security system even allows you to decide who is authorized to add new information to the site on a feature-by-feature basis.